At Dezert Technology & Engineering, we have 30+ years of engineering experience in the design of manufacturing facilities, including semiconductor engineering, vacuum technology, coated abrasives, pulp and paper, and parts manufacturing. Here is a partial list of engineering capabilities:

  • Semiconductor wafer fabrication tool layout.
  • Semiconductor cleanroom design.
  • Tool specification writing.
  • Tool selection, procurement, source acceptance, and installation.
  • Facilitization data collection and creation of facilties matrix.
  • Tool interface, materials of construction, and safety issues.
  • Experience in design of toxic gas supply systems.
  • Integration of effluent treatment systems.
  • Experience in design of bulk chemical supply systems.
  • We have engineered the installation of tools for diffusion, photo, CVD, PVD, and wet chemical processing.
  • We have  audited the decommissioning of wafer fabrication facilities.

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